Part 1

Эта часть будет состоять из 12 вопросов на 3 темы. Длительность первой части – до 5 минут.

Отвечать необходимо кратко, но емко. Если вы будете затягивать ответ, экзамнатор вас перебьет и задаст следующий вопрос. Это может вас сбить и разволновать. На занятиях со студентом я обучаю техникам, которые помогают дать хороший раскрытый ответ, продемонстрировав при этом хорошее знание английского.


Common questions for IELTS Speaking Part 1


Where is your hometown?

How can your hometown be improved?

What is the oldest building in your hometown?

Is it a good place to raise children?



What do you study?

Why did you choose this major/field/subject?

Is it a popular subject in your country?

what was your first day like?



Do you live in a flat or in a house?

Who do you live with?

What is your favorite room?

How are the walls decorated?



Are you good at any kind of art? (dancing/singing/drawing/playing instruments)

Have you ever visited an art gallery?

Did you like art when you were a child?

Is art important for bringing children up?



Can you remember one of your childhood birthdays?

Which dates/birthdates are considered important in your country?

What do you usually do on your birthday?

Do people throw parties on their birthdays in your country?


Is there any food you dislike?

What do you think about fast food?

Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant or at home?



Do you have a hobby?

Do you think it’s important to have a hobby?

Do you think a hobby should be shared with someone else?

Is it important for a child to have hobbies?



Are you a happy person?

What makes you unhappy?

Are people in your country happy?



Is there music that can upset you? why?

What is your favorite genre?

Can you play instruments?

Did you learn music in school?



Are you friends with your neighbors?

Why is it important to be in good relationships with your neighbors?



What kind of books do you like?

Do you borrow books or buy them?

Do you read electronic books?

Did you like to read when you were a child?



Do you enjoy going shopping?

Where do you usually buy things?

What are the benefits of online shopping?

Does shopping cheer you up?



Are you an active person?

Did you like sports when you were younger?

Do you like extreme sports?



Do you watch TV?

Do you have a favorite tv show?

What did you watch when you were a child?



What is your favorite weather?

Can bad weather affect your mood?

Why do some people prefer rainy weather?


Did you enjoy your childhood?

What’s your first memory from your childhood?

What kind of a child were you?

What was your favorite toy/game?



What type of outwear do you prefer?

Where do you usually buy clothes?

How important are clothes to you?

Have you ever worn a uniform or the traditional clothes of your country?



Do you prefer to go online over your phone, tablet or pc?

did you have a computer when you were a child?

Who taught how to use the computer?

Do you think most people prefer phones or computers?



What is your daily routine?

Has your daily routine changed much compared to your child’s?

Do you think it’s important to have a daily routine?

What are the benefits of a daily routine?



Do you use dictionaries?

What types of dictionaries are most useful?

Why do people use dictionaries?

How do people use dictionaries?


Evenings/free time/going out

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

How do young people in your country spend their evenings?

Do you like being alone sometimes?

Which would prefer: sitting at home or going out in the evening?



How big is your family?

Who is the closest relative to you?

Is family important to you? why?

Is it important for the youngest family members to spend time with the oldest?



Who is your best friend?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Who was your best friend in your childhood?

Is friendship important to people?



What is your favorite flower?

Have you given flowers as a gift?

Do any flowers have a special meaning in your country?



Do you work or study?

Why did you choose this job?

Are you planning to continue working on this position?

What are your responsibilities?



What is your favorite color?

Do any colors have a special meaning to you?

Can colors influence people’s emotions?

Did you like the same colors when you were a child?


Do you read newspapers?

How do you get news?

Do people in your country like reading newspapers?



Do you prefer public transport to private?

What are the merits of public transport?

What can be done to encourage people to use public transport?

How can transport impact the environment?

Will there be more private or public transport in the future?


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