Sept-Dec 2019 Speaking topics

Sept-Dec 2019 Speaking topics

A celebration of an achievement

Something you borrowed from someone

A recent conversation

A public building you would like to visit

A school you went to as a child

An indoor activity or game

A place to read and write (not your home)

A souvenir

A memorable advertisement

A visit to a park

A time you were with people and bored

Someone who travels by plane for work

The most recent conversation you enjoyed

A time you looked at the sky

A movie you recently saw

An indoor game

A time you met someone for the first time

A time you had to wake up early

Your favourite item of clothing

Learning a new language

A happy day you would like to have

A friend you are proud of

A leisure activity you enjoyed with your family

A happy moment you remember

A person who encouraged you to achieve your goals

When you gave advice to someone

Something useful you borrowed

A photograph in your home

A famous personality outside your country

A famous product from your local region

A time you were given the wrong information

A time when you lost something

A recent advertisement you watched

Your favourite place for shopping

A place where you used to play when you were a child

A time you heard a stranger talking on the phone

A movie your friend would like

Someone who spends their free time helping others

A time a child made you laugh

An unusual or unique holiday

A person you know who has new, creative ideas or opinions

A time you had to hide the truth from your friend

A colorful event

A time when the internet helped you solve a problem

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