January-April 2020

January-April 2020
  1. A new public facility/building you’d like to visit in your hometown.
  2. Work or sport you did in a team
  3. An animal that you like
  4. A job you don’t want to do
  5. A time when you set a goal and achieved it
  6. Someone who is great at their job
  7. A time when something good happened to you
  8. A celebration you had as a result of some achievement
  9. A colorful event that you attended
  10. A time you didn’t tell the whole truth
  11. Someone you’d like to meet in person
  12. A time you met someone for the first time
  13. A close relative you spend a lot of time with
  14. A time you helped a peer
  15. A time you had to apologise to someone
  16. A time someone had to bring their apology to you
  17. A journey made by public transport
  18. An article or magazine about healthy living
  19. A time you were going somewhere but were delayed
  20. A job you wouldn’t like to do
  21. An item of clothing you like to wear
  22. A time you wore a special uniform for work or school
  23. An interesting conversation you recently had
  24. A challenge you faced
  25. A recent performance you watched and enjoyed
  26. A beautiful park or garden
  27. A photo you have in your home
  28. A time you looked at the sky
  29. A time when you were bored
  30. A boring meeting you had
  31. A singer or band you enjoy listening to
  32. The first time you saw an interesting animal/bird
  33. A leisure activity you did with your family
  34. A time you were not allowed to use a mobile
  35. A crowded event you attended
  36. Someone who taught you something useful
  37. Something you lost and then found
  38. A famous product from your hometown
  39. A famous person from the recent news you would like to meet
  40. An important message you recently received
  41. Someone you know who travels often by plane
  42. Something useful you borrowed once
  43. A small business
  44. A time the weather affected your plans
  45. Good advice someone gave you

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